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It sure does take a lot to truly thrive

Growing a business takes significant effort and tenacity to breakthrough to the high 6-figures into 7-figures and beyond. And, as you grow the challenges change and often seem to get bigger. Especially, with your culture, team and the forever changing economic climate and legislation.


It sure does take a lot to truly thrive.


That’s why KAP-IT Success Groups were created 12-years ago by Colin Sprake, the Founder of KAP-IT Success Groups, who has built many multimillion-dollar businesses and knows that he has only achieved the level of success by being surrounded by like-minded business owners.


What truly makes KAP-IT Success Groups unique are the following, Business Owners who:


  • Want to have their business as part of their lifestyle and have time devoted to their families. We believe in the Freedom Plan which is made up of your Business Plan and Life Plan. Simply put, Business Plan + Life Plan = Freedom Plan.
  • Deeply care about each other both in business and personally.
  • Want to make serious profit yet focus on their people and the planet first.
  • Want to grow with like-minded people and take their personal and professional learning to a completely new level.
  • Know that key connections are very important to building a true network of people that you can call on any time to pick their brains and ask for support.


There are other groups out there that you can research and possibly consider joining. We know that our members are lifers because of the success they achieve in all areas of their lives. Sadly, most business owners spend many years accumulating wealth whilst sacrificing their health, then end up spending most of their wealth attempting to get back their health.


Grow a successful business, live you best life!


Ensure you fill out your details in the box below and someone from our office will call you to get the application process underway. We look forward to welcoming you to our incredible CEO Family.

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