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When you join a group of caring, committed, fun CEOs, and learn from their experiences, you will save time, money and avoid costly mistakes! Members of your group will have expertise in some area of business, whether it be in production, sales, marketing and operations.


When you have a learning attitude and want to be held accountable to greater results in your business and personal life, then joining a KAP-IT Success Group in the perfect fit for you.


Our founder, Colin Sprake, put it in simple terms when it comes to running and operating a business:

Revenue is VANITY, Profit is SANITY, Cash Flow is REALITY, None of the above INSANITY.



Here’s more detail on how it works on a monthly basis:


  • Each month, you are required to complete a KAP-IT Success Report, which is an in-depth examination of all areas of your business, including time off. The completed reports are sent to your Facilitator and other group members 48-hours before the meeting date to ensure they are full prepared and ready to serve you to the highest level. Preparation before the meeting is vital to the success of the meeting. The more comprehensive your report is, the more valuable input you will receive.
  • The meetings run for 3 – 4 hours with a very set structure to ensure each member receives the value and input that they are seeking, according to the challenge/s that were presented in the report. Many times what you think is your challenge is not truly your challenge, because as your fellow members dig deeper, by asking critical questions, they uncover what truly is the challenge – many times the solutions are time and money saving, and completely eye-opening.
  • During the meeting your Facilitator will take Minutes & Actions for each member and these items will be what you get held accountable to doing. These are sent out within 24-hours of the meeting by your Facilitator.
  • Accountability does not just happen during the meeting. Members check in with each other in a Group Chat format to make sure everyone is doing what they committed to and getting assistance outside of meetings.



Some of the key items that are covered during each meeting:


  • Creativity and thinking outside of the box.
  • Implement systems, processes, and focus on duplication, scaling and growth.
  • Culture and employee retention.
  • Understanding which technology is most suitable for your business.
  • Exit strategies and succession planning.
  • Taking time off with family and friends and doing what you love – this is very important because we all know that when things are great at home, that things become exceptional in your business.



Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I know if I qualify to join a KAP-IT Success Group?
Our members are business owners who are doing more than $500,000 in revenue per year with employees or contractors. When you apply to become a KAP-IT Success member, you are placed with a group that has a similar level of business experience.


Do all members who join a KAP-IT Success Group grow at 15% – 35% per annum?
We do our utmost to assist with having your business grow within the realms of what is realistic, and this is often determined by what stage in the lifecycle the business is at. Businesses are also impacted by external factors outside of their control like the economy, exchange rates, NAFTA agreements, political situations, media, etc. These all need to be taken into account to ensure that solid growth goals are set.


How will people from other industries be able to understand my unique business and help me with challenges and opportunities?
We all face the same challenges regardless of what our Business is – challenges like, culture, operations, sales, marketing and what is currently happening the economy. The group members will give you a new perspective on dealing with these challenges. +80% of all businesses are pretty much the same, it’s just the product, service or industry that is differs.


How do you select who joins a group?
Once the detailed application has been completed and you have completed a phone/Zoom interview, and been accepted, we have a set internal process to put you into the perfect KAP-IT Success Group for you.


Could a competitor join my group?
No. We have a set process when putting new members into Groups. Plus, we would ensure that your Facilitators were both different to ensure that there is not chance of confidential data being distributed.


How do I know that everything is kept confidential with other KAP-IT Success Group members?
We take this extremely seriously and have all members sign a code of conduct and a detailed non-disclosure agreement.


How long do I have to be a member of the Group?
We ask that you commit to being a member of the KAP-IT Success Group for 12-months. We have members that have been apart of their group for 10+ years.


Can business partners join the same KAP-IT Success Group?
Business partners are welcome to join separate KAP-IT Success Groups with different Facilitators. This is done for very specific reasons and because sometimes the issue for the meeting may be something to do directly with the partnership.


How do I become a KAP-IT Success Group Facilitator?
Facilitators are all 100% current or previous KAP-IT Success Group members. Facilitators are invited to join this important role through a very set invitation process. You need to have been a KAP-IT Success member for at least 12-months before an invitation would even be extended.


Why would a member leave a KAP-IT Success Group?
The majority of a reason why a member leaves a group is because there is a transfer of ownership. The members are like family to each other and often become long term friends and mentors of one another. Some even get to form partnerships together in other business ventures.


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