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Read about the experiences of some of our KAP-IT Success members below. All of our members have grown their business and seen tremendous success not only professionally but personally from the advice and support they have received through their KAP-IT Success Groups.


Time years in a KAP-IT Group


Business Revenues: $500K – $5MM


Typical Revenue
Growth: 18% – 71%


Typical Net Profit Growth: 2% – 16%


TIME AWAY From the
Business: +4 Weeks per Year

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Industry: Education

Dave Doble

Owner, Classroom Ready Inc.

Industry: Retail – Furniture

Dustin Knapp

Owner, The Wickertree Home & Patio

Industry: Commercial Cleaning

Joe Tansella

Owner, Xquisit Facility Services Ltd.

Industry: Kitchen Cabinets

John Wong

Owner, K-Wood Kitchens Inc.

Industry: Flooring

Lacey Kelly

Owner, Floor Envy/Home Envy

Industry: Manufacturing

Nathan Neels

Owner, Harmonic Machine Inc.

Industry: Retail – Bakery

Raveena Oberoi

Owner, Just Cakes Bakeshop

Industry: Retail – Beauty

Veerpal Sidhu

Owner, EO Healing

Industry: Consulting

Yvonne Weld

Owner, BEST Inc.


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