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Join a Group of Like-Minded CEOs

Join a group of like minded CEOs that are doing in excess of $500,000 in revenue and devoted to growing their businesses and doing it with the input, experience and support of peers from across multiple industries.


The group comprise of 6 CEOs and a highly trained Facilitator, who is also a successful Business Owner, and meet once a month online for 3 to 4 hours – this is your personal board of advisors. The powerful part of these groups is that you receive advice and knowledge from CEOs who have no vested interest or emotional attachment to your business, and only care about you achieving the results you desire.


There is a detailed monthly report that is completed prior to each meeting, and gives comprehensive information to the other members so they can give you feedback and suggestions. Each meeting has a very set structure that is followed to ensure each business is growing.


A big part of the groups is the friendships that you build and the community that you join; who truly care about your results and your family. We know that you will grow, so will your business, and your circle of influence. The average business grows at 15%-35% per annum depending on the industry and capacity constraints.



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